At Fertility Specialists we have a team of specialist counsellors who are available to support you throughout the entire treatment journey.

When issues with fertility arise, it is often likened to being on an emotional roller coaster ride. People’s reactions to undergoing fertility treatment are very individual – everyone copes in their own way and you are likely to experience different emotional reactions depending on the different phases of treatment.

There are several ways that you can feel more in control of the treatment process:

  • Access accurate and evidence based information about your treatment options
  • Be informed about normal reactions to infertility – you are not alone!
  • Develop coping strategies that work for you
  • Seek counselling support

Our counsellors have extensive experience in all areas of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and the implications this has for women and men. We are registered Clinical Psychologists, recognised Medicare providers and approved by the Reproductive Technology Council (RTC) to work in fertility clinics.

Fertility Specialists offers the following types of counselling services for individuals, couples and/or groups:

  • Pre-treatment implications counselling
  • Support Counselling
  • Therapeutic counselling
  • Donor Counselling (Egg, Sperm, Embryo)
  • Patient Information sessions
  • Follow up phone counselling

You can make an appointment with one of our counsellors at any time during your treatment by calling our reception staff.