Success Rates

Fertility Specialists South and Fertility WA pregnancy success rates 2013
Explanation of success rates
  • Fertility Specialists routinely transfers single embryos, with 99% of transfers being a single embryo transfer.
  • Success rates are defined in terms of clinical pregnancy rates from an embryo transfer- a clinical pregnancy is recorded when either (i) the presence of an intrauterine sac (with or without a foetal heart) is observed on ultrasound, (ii) chorionic villi are observed in products of conception, (iii) an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed or (iv) a pregnancy is ongoing at 20 weeks gestation.
  • Not all clinical pregnancies result in a live birth. In 2013, 81% of clinical pregnancies resulted in live births.
  • Success rates do vary significantly depending on patient factors and also the type of treatment. The clinic can provide further detail with respect to success rates for different treatments.